December 04, 2011

Working The Gingerbread House Kits!

There are all types of house kits you can get to make gingerbread houses.  My choice is to wait until they go on sale the day after Christmas for 50% off.  I like to start by saying you don't eat the house so it doesn't hurt to keep them stored.  The only thing that might not be good is the candy and icing.  With that in mind you can purchase royal icing at your local cake supply store and buy cheap candy like mints, tootsie rolls, jellybeans, M&M's or whatever catches your eye.  The following houses are previous gingerbread houses made over the years.  It is a family tradition that I like to do with my daughter each year.

The house on top was the first attempt me and my daughter made in 2006.  It was a family effort my in-laws and us made it on Christmas Eve as a fun project for the kids.

As you can see my daughter was not to happy in 2007, the gingerbread house decided it wanted to cave in.  I have a secret to keeping them together now.  I glue gun the house together before placing the royal icing on to make sure it stays in place.

This house in 2008 came cracked up, so I had to do my best to repair it.  That year we throw in a couple of Christmas trees by using green royal icing, sugar cones and sprinkles.

In 2009 we tried our hand at two houses.

Also that year I made a replica of my sisters work out of graham crackers, chocolate wafers, royal icing and candy.  I used a card board base to glue the graham crackers to.  Just to let you know you can use graham crackers for smaller ones too.  Use a milk cart base for the outline of your house.

I have to say that in 2010, I think this house was the best yet.  We even added coconut for snow and a jelly snowman at the door with smarties candy for the walk way.

This years 2011 house is up and running we are going with a red and green theme this year as you can see.  I was very proud of my daugther's candy design.  

So if you are not the baking type, but would love to make a gingerbread house go out and purchase a kit and use your imagination to bring it to life.  This is one project that I enjoy each year and by looking back at the pictures I can see we have improved.  Now if I can only master a two story gingy house.

Keep following because I have great Christmas projects and some Christmas cookie baking you don't want to miss.  Until next time keep it simple!


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