December 01, 2011

Heart Felt Christmas Gift Ideas

There is only 25 days left until Christmas Eve!  If you haven't started shopping yet you might want to think of a meaningful gift to give.  Believe it or not when you put thought into a gift that comes from the heart.  They become the best gifts without much cost to your wallet.

A few years ago I made a special video of past Christmas pictures combine with music for my mom and dad.  I also added a calendar with pictures of all our family members in the month of their birthday for them.

Another year I made my mom a photograph scrapbook on line of all of her grandchildren and great grand children.  It came with a hard cover and captures on each page, just like a story book.  Of course it brought tears to her eyes.

 When shopping for small gifts for family members or friends you can always find bargains and great ideas if you think ahead of time.

I like to give nice hand soaps from one of my favorite stores that sales body stuff.  This time of year they have great sales like 4 for $10.  I wrap each bottle in a cute Christmas bag or even colorful tissue paper with a nice ribbon & tag.

The dollar stores have great packing for small items and sometimes you can find cute items to give away for co-workers.  I like to shop for ornaments that I can write on like name and year.  To make it special add candy and homemade cookies.

You can even come up with a new tradition.  Each year I buy my mother-in-law a new Christmas bell to go with her gift.  I have been doing this for over 12 years.  Note she likes to collect small figure items and bells.
For my daughter we buy a new ornament every year together.  This year we already picked one up at a craft show that was way to cute.

Rule of thumb if your not sure don't buy it.  Make this years shopping experience more about the thought. 

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