April 30, 2012

First Holy Communion Party

We recently celebrated my daughter's first holy communion.
My mission was to host a small get together for 20 on a budget.

The first on the list was invites.  I picked these cute invites up at target on clearance for $13.99. 
It always pays to shop around before ordering expensive ones.

I wanted to keep decorations to a minimum this time around.  I decided to make flower pom poms with white sparkle tissue paper I picked up at party city for $1.99.  I only used one package and pink curling ribbon for tying together.  I used tape to tack each flower on the back to the wall to shape the cross.

Sticking to the white and pink theme.  I found these cute pails at the dollar tree and flowers. 
They where in the wedding section and came with three buckets, thank you cards and ribbon. 
I picked up jewels, flowers and chocolate wrap candy for the inside.
I hot glued the white flowers around the rim half ways and made a cross out of jewels on the front.
I used pink tulle for the stuffer inside to hold up the candies and wrapped with clear baggies.

To help cut down on cost.  I made cupcakes instead of buying a fancy cake and shaped them into a cross adding a personal touch with candy pearls, flowers, and cross.

But we were given a nice surprise from my mom.  She made my little angel a cute doll cake. 
I also made brownie cake pops (which you can find on an older post on how to make easy and cheap.), dipped chocolate strawberries and stuff to make ice cream sundaes.

As for food I made it easy by making meat trays for sandwiches with chips and my family pitched in with making side dishes.  The day turn out to be one of the best get togethers with my family and friends.

April 07, 2012

DIY Felt Flower Hair Accessories & Pins

 I love do it yourself projects, but I like them to be easy without the extra fuss. 
As we know flower accessories are a hit with little ones. 
 Have you noticed the price tag on these hair clips and pins? 
That is why I decided to try my hand at making some.

Things you will need.  Bright colored felt, hair clips or pin backers, ribbon, jewels and stretchy headbands. 
Plus a glue gun or no sew glue. 
Just to let you know I was able to purchase alot of my supplies for under a $1.00 at places like walmart, dollor store and target.

I made a cardboard paper pattern out of flowers I had around the house.

I used the cardboard flowers for tracing.

In the middle I placed hot glue to attach the felt cut outs together.

On the hair clips I cut ribbon for the top part of the clip and glued on.

Final step glued a jewel in the middle and a clip on the back.

I wanted to show the backs so you can see what a pin or clip looks like on back.

Here are some of my DIY creations.

These cute flowers can dress up an outfit. 
 I added a felt flower pin to a dress I only paid $9.00 for and a headband to match for my little one.