February 15, 2012

"Queen of Hearts" Valentines Goodies

This Valentines day my wheels were turning with what I could make for my daughter's class without breaking the bank and it had to be easy.  I came up with these adorable  
 "Queen of Hearts" goodie wands.

All you need is ding dongs, marshallow hearts, gummy hearts, icing hearts, sprinkles, melting chocolate, and candy sticks.

I always like to make things easy by having all items unwrapped and ready to go.  Start by melting chocolate in a sauce pan or microwave.  The chocolate is the glue for this project.  As you can see above push heart marshallow half way down and add chocolate on top.  Next step is to add the ding dong and gummy heart.  Which you can see below, now time to add a little chocolate to glue the sugar hearts and the sprinkles that are on the marshallow hearts.

Wait until they dry before packaging in cello bags and ribbon.  I made about 24 within 30 minutes and I loved the outcome in the end.

The next project on the list was candy cup treats for my co-workers.  I was short on time and know I had items around the house that could be turned into a sweet treat for valentines day.

I had purchased bags of valentines candy before hand and needed a container to put them in.  I happen to have these clear cups with lids on hand.  I decided to make a candy cup stack with ribbon for extra cuteness.  I used heart stickers to keep the ribbon in place on top and bottom.  Just to let you know you can purchase these containers at walmart around $2.00 or $3.00 bucks.

Check out these cute bags that I bought to put granola and coconut for my daughters class party.

And to my surprise I received these yummy treats from one of the sweet & simple sisters themselves.  My sister blessed me & my family with cookies dipped in chocolate, cake balls, brownies and more chocolate all homemade.

February 02, 2012

A Black & White Affair "40th" Birthday

Party's are great, who doesn't enjoy a good party.  But when you have to plan it and bring it all together its a little on the stressful side, especially if you are a perfectness and that would be me.  I normally plan events months in advance in order to keep the stress level and cost down.  Since I would be turning 40 I was on the fence on if I would be celebrating this mile stone.  After great thought I decided why not you only turn 40 once.  Only three weeks to plan and pull it all together, I had set myself on overdrive.  Coming up with the theme was the first plan of action.  I wanted it to be fun and elegant not funny like most decorations you see for over the hill party's.  I thought I would like a black and white affair with a twist of elegance.       

For me the invitations is what sets the tone for the decor.  I am into damask and filigree prints right now, so incorporating them into the party theme was a must.  

What also worked for me was the idea of a chocolate & champagne bar.  My family loves dessert and for each party we love to add a dessert bar.  My sister made these wonderful cake balls and whoopee pies, the flavors were red velvet, peanut butter and chocolate.  A chocolate fountain with lots of dipping items like strawberries, marshallows, cookies, red vines, pretzels and an assortment of chocolates that I pick up. 
The great pairing of almond champagne was the best.  The champagne I got for $6.99 on sale for each bottle and the goodies I got for low cost at walmart.  When you shop around it keeps the cost down.  

At the entrance to the party I placed a memory jar.  Where guest could write a memory of them and the birthday girl.  I bought the dry erase board for $1.00 & notecards all at the dollar store.

Above I used an old push pin board to make a frame back ground for pictures.  I hot glued black wide ribbon around the edges and printed damask paper off the internet for the back ground.  Only costing me the cost of the ribbon at $1.99.

As for the center pieces a great friend of mine made them only at the cost of $6.00 for each one.  By using back and white tull.  Vases that where purchased at the dollar tree and white 40 she made out of sparkle foam sheets. 

Below I wanted to include my personality to the mix.  By adding special sayings on the walls.  I wanted to keep the cost down, but I still wanted a framed look.  I was able to purchase a set of two canvas at $14.99 and sparkly letters at Micheal's.  Which end up being cheaper them buying frames.  To give it the frame look I hot glued two tone black ribbon around the edges and added cut outs that you can buy in the scrap booking section. 

For the decor we wrapped the poles with damask print long table clothes and tied with ribbon.  We got the table clothes for a bargain at walmart only .99 cent.  They were plastic, yes I said plastic.  We also used a roll of white and black table clothes to drape under and around the patio area.  With white lights and a disc ball for a extra flare.   

Other ideas is if you have family or friends that have items you can borrow it helps with the decor and cost that is always a plus.  A friend let me borrow his candle chandlers for the gift table and chocolate bar.

  I also bought fun items at the dollar store like mask, boas, funny glasses and glow sticks to keep the party going. 

I added a lotto ticket drawing to the event.  Through out the night guest would receive tickets for the drawing like if they wore black and white or said nice or funny things about the party or me.

We all have ideas and thoughts on how things are going to look before it all comes together.  At the end of this event I was very pleased with the out come.  My guest enjoyed the evening and the decor, which always brings a smile to my heart that they did.