December 05, 2011

Christmas Tree Crafts

As we head into the second week of December.  I have to remind myself that time is a ticking when it comes to decorating the house.  I wanted to add a few new pieces to the red theme that I have been going through for the last three years.  To my collection I came up with a new card holder and Christmas tree mantel center piece.   Let's get started with the Christmas tree center piece.

Above are the following items I pick up in the dollar section at a retail store.  You will need dowels, bucket, ribbon, ornaments, and a glue gun for this project.

I started by gluing a dowel to the the back of a Christmas tree yarn ornament.  Once it was in place I glued on ribbon to the tree for extra color.  After that I glued the finished piece into the center of the pale.  Adding tissue paper to the bottom to hold it in place and put silver ornament balls on top.  This project took less them 30 mins.  This is what the finish center piece looked like once put together.

Now for the next project I used the following items that I also picked up in the dollar section.

Only a few things needed for this Christmas tree picture/card holder.  Foam trees, magnetic clips, ribbon, glitter, jewels and glue gun.  First you want to glue together all the trees on a long piece of ribbon.  Besides placing ribbon and jewels on the trees I wanted my tree picture/card holder to have the word peace spelled out.  I used glue to write each letter and gold glitter over it.  I then placed on all ribbons and jewels for a festive look and last but not least added the magnetic clips on the back with a glue gun.  Make sure to hide the clips so no one can see them.  You also would like to attach a ribbon in a loop on the back to hold or pin on to the fireplace, wall or door for hanging.  This is what it looks like after it is completed.

Check back this week, I will be adding more crafts, baking gift ideas and just plan family fun.  Yes Christmas cookies galore too.


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