December 16, 2011

Sugar Cookies & More!

Tis the Season to get baking!  I like to say during the month of December.  Christmas cookies are my favorite thing to make this time of the year plus special goodies to give to friends.  As you can see I have started, my goal each year is to make 12 different type of cookies.  Because I bake that much I make some from scratch and others right out of the Betty Crocker package.  Yes I am not afraid to say it.  Because I add a personal touch when I do. 

As you can see sugar cookies & gingerbread was on my list.  I made these cute cookies for my daughters class Christmas party.

Yes, these little darlings came out of a sugar cookie package and gingerbread package.  Follow the recipe on the package but to make the dough more stiff, add only 1/3 cup of butter instead of 1/2 cup and add two table spoon of flour to the mix.
I used all sorts of difference cookie cutters for an assortment of shapes and sizes.  For decorating I used royal icing, food color and sprinkles for the job.  I suggest when you frost you will want to make the royal icing thick.  By doing that you need to use less water then it states on the package and if you are doing more then one color on a cookie let the first coat dry first before adding a second color.  Sprinkles need to be applied right away or the frosting will start setting and they won't stick.

If you are not much of a decorating person you can do these simple gingerbread faces.  M&M's for the eyes and red ones for the cheeks.  Royal icing for the glue and the smile.  As I continue on my cookie journey this week I will be posting more cookie idea and recipes.

Still not sure what to get friends and co-workers for Christmas?  This is one of my simple gifts this year a tumbler cup.  They have become the fade in the last few years.  I came across some cute ones the other day for only $3.99.  I just added tissue to the bottom with chocolates on the type and curling ribbon inside for color.  On the outside I used ribbon and made a homemade tag out of note paper and Christmas tags that I found in the dollar section at a retailer store.

The second gift idea was a cute Let it snow cup that I found for $2.99, seasonal sugar plum tea for $2.49 and rock candy sticks for .99 cent each.  I also throw in a snowman note pad & pen that I found for $1.00.  Tied it all together to create a sweet tea dream set.  Remember you can do this for coffee lovers to or hot chocolate.  I always put thought into what I give a co-worker, teacher, or friend.  It's always a good idea to keep in mind what a person likes to drink or what goodies they like to make it special. 


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