June 24, 2012

Anna Banana Spice Cupcakes

The next recipe in the "Summer Series" is inspired by an upcoming party that I will be baking for.


1 - box of spice cake mix
3 - medium ripe bananas
1 - cup of toasted chopped walnuts


1 - tub of whip cream
1- 5 oz box of banana instant pudding 
Banana chips 
Caramel sauce 

Pre-heat oven to 350

Line two cupcake pans with cupcake liners.

After following directions on cake box add the bananas cut up in square pieces to the mix and toasted  chopped walnuts.

( If you have the question on how to toast walnuts.  layer walnuts on a cookie sheet and place in boiler, making sure to toss with fork around until lightly brown.  Don't leave in to long or they will burn.)

Using a 1/3 cup measure fill liners with the batter.

Place in oven for 18-24 mins depending how long your oven cooks or until you can insert a toothpick clean.

Will the cupcakes are in the oven put together frosting.

You want to make sure that your tub of whip cream is completely thawed out before mixing together with the instant banana pudding packet.

I normally use a 4 oz packet of pudding for any frosting, but they only come in 5 1/2 oz packages for banana flavor.  Pour only about half the pudding into the whip cream and mix together.  You can use your beater but I suggest on the lowest speed.  The whip cream and pudding will become thick so don't get worried.  Set aside in the fridge until cupcakes are ready.

After you have let the cupcakes completely cooled.  Place frosting in a piping bag or ziploc bag using a large tip.  I used a Ateco 866 tip for mine.  Squeeze in the center a bit of frosting, you do not have to cover the whole cupcake for this and place a banana chip on top, add a drizzle of caramel and your done.

***Please note I was able to make 30 cupcakes with this recipe and the frosting only covers 24.
If you like more frosting just double the recipe when you make it.***

Keep in fridge if not serving right away.

 Happy baking,


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