April 07, 2012

DIY Felt Flower Hair Accessories & Pins

 I love do it yourself projects, but I like them to be easy without the extra fuss. 
As we know flower accessories are a hit with little ones. 
 Have you noticed the price tag on these hair clips and pins? 
That is why I decided to try my hand at making some.

Things you will need.  Bright colored felt, hair clips or pin backers, ribbon, jewels and stretchy headbands. 
Plus a glue gun or no sew glue. 
Just to let you know I was able to purchase alot of my supplies for under a $1.00 at places like walmart, dollor store and target.

I made a cardboard paper pattern out of flowers I had around the house.

I used the cardboard flowers for tracing.

In the middle I placed hot glue to attach the felt cut outs together.

On the hair clips I cut ribbon for the top part of the clip and glued on.

Final step glued a jewel in the middle and a clip on the back.

I wanted to show the backs so you can see what a pin or clip looks like on back.

Here are some of my DIY creations.

These cute flowers can dress up an outfit. 
 I added a felt flower pin to a dress I only paid $9.00 for and a headband to match for my little one. 


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