January 19, 2012

Black & White 40th Birthday Invites

I am less then a week away from my big 40 black & white party.  I still have so many things to do before the big event.  But I wanted to give you a seek peek into the invites that were put together by me & my sister.  The hunt was on for the perfect style and what I was trying to accomplish.  Since I would be turning 40 I wanted to go with an elegant look.  When working on invites I try looking at many places before I choose paper or cards to work with.  I happen to find these ones in the clearance wedding section at a paper supply store for a complete set of 25 cards at the cost of $16.98.

My vision was made of using ribbon, damask paper, sparkly 40's and jewels.  The goal was to keep it simple, but still make a stand out card.  My sister had the lovely job of cutting the forties with her cricket machine and adding the sparkle.  Mine was to print the inside wording for the invites and assemble them together.  

Suggestion when shopping and making your own invites.  In vision what you would like to have.  If you can come close to what your looking for don't worry that it won't work or come together.  You have to complete the project before you can picture it.  I will be posting more of my party ideas and decor this coming week. 
Wish me luck that I get it all done in time.


Pearson Airport Taxi said...

simple, elegant and very beautiful cards...love it.

Pearson Airport Taxi

Pearson Airport Taxi said...

i don't have words for these cards but must say that it is unique and beautful

Pearson Airport Taxi

E-Clinical said...

I like the design of these creative. great job to the one who designed it


Kirsty Ledger said...

I love the font you used on your 40th invitation. What is the name of the font that you used?

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